July 22, 2019

Finding your personal fashion style may look like a daunting task, but it is achievable only if you can connect to your inner self, map your likes and dislikes, and discover other underlying factors you never considered important. Your style is an evolution and will definitely change with time depending on factors relating to your lifestyle.

Creating a personal style will stand you out from the crowd because you ooze uniqueness and originality. Trying to become someone else will only make you look unoriginal. Every fashion icon from David Beckham to Steve McQueen has a signature style emphasizing their aesthetic ideals and expressing their public persona. Stay with me, and I will show you what you need, to find your own style.

Know your body type

Knowing your body type is probably where it all begins. Not because what you should wear is dictated by a body type, no, but because you know what kind of clothes would obviously look great on you. It is more like identifying your strengths and improving on them.



Shop with a plan

Before you open your purse on your next shopping spree, consider the clothing items that are on your go-to list at home. Know your wardrobe’s likes and dislikes and a list of what you need before going to shop for new clothes. This simple step prevents a buyer’s remorse.

Creating your own signature look is an important step in achieving your personal style. Even if you don’t want to be a fashion icon, it will help you refine your own unique style and build a more functional wardrobe. Even if you’re not sure what your unique style looks like, don’t worry. Simply being aware of your go-to clothes and start the process of what suits you best is enough to catapult your style miles forward.

Know what inspires you

Knowing what inspires you is probably the easiest way to find your personal fashion style. We all have an inner drive towards a particular style, most times we kind of know it, and sometimes we need to hear it from someone maybe as a compliment or during an ordinary conversation. Either way, take your time to think about it. Are you the type that likes throwing on a pair of jeans, a shirt, converse shoes and go for a simple stroll? Or you’re this person that prefers being prim and proper at all times. That should decide your future purchases.

Know your favorite color combinations

Are you all about vibrant prints, colors, and all that? Are you fond of silent and minimal gray outfits? Or the understated elegance with a mildly mellowed palette, mostly about pastels or other softer shades? Take a minute to reflect on it. Colors play an enormous part in helping you find your unique touch.

What accessories do you prefer?

Do you like chunky neckpieces or enormous earrings, or both? Or, a bare neck with ear studs and a watch? Accessories are an important part of this puzzle and speak a lot about your personality. Look at your jewelry box or Pinterest boards and see what you've always been reluctant to try and the once you use the most.

Final thoughts

Your personal fashion style is a reflection of your personality. Ignore what people think about your style, and bring out that which defines you and improve on it. Trust me; you will like the new version of you as time goes on.


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